EuroHash 2017 Post-Lube in Bratislava, Slovakia

Thank you to all that came and helped us celebrate the EuroHash 2015 (yes, that is correct) Post-Lube in 2017 in Bratislava.

Except for Going Commando of Catch the Hare H3, who did not deign to register, lied about it, crashed our party without bothering to Hash with us, and (initially?) refused to pay her bar bill after the tab had closed.

Start: Bratislava hlavná stanica (Bratislava Central Train Station)

(a mere 63 km from Wien Hauptbahnhof)

Date: Tuesday, 11.07.2017

Time: 15:00

Pre-Registration at EuroHash 2017 registration venue

Included: Runners and walkers trails, drinks and food

Luggage lockers available at hlavná stanica

Party train: Wien Hbf: 13:16 -> 14:22 Bratislava hl st.

Last return train: Bratislava hl st.: 22:38 -> 23:43 Wien Hbf

The Bratislava Ticket will get you from Wien to Bratislava the cheapest and also includes a Day-Ticket on all public transport in Bratislava!

(Careful, many trains from Vienna go to the wrong station. If you're late, we no wait.)

Either stay in Bratislava or head back to Vienna after dinner

Or take the Cross-Border Ferry Twin City Liner
Vienna 09:00 -> 10:15 Bratislava (Old Town)
Vienna 12:30 -> 13:45 Bratislava (Old Town)

Weather: Bratislava rain or shine

Cost: EUR 10 per hasher

Contact: Bratislava2017 @


 HandleRun fee (EUR)
4Grassy Arse10
6Something Blew10
7Bettie Boop10
9Subaru In My Tutu10
10Down Wendy10
11Blind Doug10
13Mary Tyler Moore10
16Filly Distilled0
17Left Beer Hind0
18Absolutely Not a Lesbian0
19Big Spender10
21Mother Theresa10
22Dr. Flatus10
23Sniffa Dog10
25E=I'm a Douche10
27Delhi Belhi10
28Multiple Entry10
31Cum Dancing10
33Soup Dragon10
34Utterly Butterly10
35Commercial Whale10
37Herr Linguist10
38Cunni Linguist10
Late Registrations
39Mind The Gap 10
40Kunt Tell Ya 10
41Sinex 10
42The Bag 10
43The Bag's Friend 10
44The Bag's Friend 10
45A Nother 10
46A Nother's Friend 10
47No Balls Prize 10
48Special Needs 10
49Stormin' Normin' 10
50Beetroot 10
51Street Meat 10
52KGB 10
53Snake Charmer 10
54Snake Charmer's friend 10
55Mr. Pink 10
56ANAL's daughter 10
57Richard Kopf 10
58Nail Me 10
59???? 10
60???? 10

If your name is not on this list, there will be neither drink nor food reserved for you

Updated: 12.07.2017 09:00
Check this page before departure, updates forthcoming